Vpn Unlimited App Review

Vpn Unlimited App Review – In the age of data breaches and online fraud, there has never been a need to improve personal security and privacy while surfing the web. With the Canva and TrueDialog customer data breaches making headlines for the number of people affected, this really highlights the need to protect online user sessions.

Fortunately, there are virtual private networks. These networks create a safe, highly secure space over public or shared connections, making any information sent or received while on a VPN safe and secure.

Vpn Unlimited App Review

Vpn Unlimited App Review

But not all VPNs are created equal. While there are hundreds of free virtual private networks you can take advantage of, they rarely offer the same level of security as paid, high-end VPNs. I’ve tried many VPN services out there and VPN Unlimited is by far my favorite. The interface is very smooth and easy to use; Basically, you just open the app, select a server, and click Start.

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A great VPN for accessing blocked content, especially if you want to watch shows that are restricted to a certain section on Netflix. For example, if you choose to use a server in the US, you can watch The Office (US) on Netflix, which is usually restricted to certain regions. VPN Unlimited offers dedicated streaming servers for various services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ etc.

VPN Unlimited offers the ability to encrypt your online browsing activity. This prevents third parties from accessing your browsing history or other relevant information you may send or receive while VPN is enabled. The Service does not log any of your online activities, including browsing history, connection time, metadata, downloads, server usage, data content, and IP address.

Geo spoofing is one feature that VPN Unlimited can perform well and efficiently. You can choose the location of the server you click on or use their smart location to find the best server for you.

High levels of encryption and other security protocols make it a great choice for streaming and downloading. VPN Unlimited may hide information that can identify your location, such as your IP address. It uses AES-256, 256-bit encryption. This type of encryption is military grade, making their security a top priority.

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One of the pitfalls of using a VPN service is that upload and download speeds are often affected. Because the VPN provider has extra layers of encryption for privacy and security. In the process of encrypting and decrypting all the data it sends and receives, it uses up a lot of your computer’s CUP. In addition, the fact that the information is sent to a remote server also increases confidentiality. Although VPN Unlimited is not exempt from any privacy issues due to the nature of the service, users have the ability to choose a server with the best performance so they don’t experience a significant drop in upload and download speeds. You can choose the optimal option that promises to provide the best server; Or you can ping all servers to see the response time and current workload for each, so you can make an informed decision about which server is the best.

Specifically, you can use VPN service on 5-10 devices depending on your plan; That means you can install it on your computer, laptop and mobile phones. In particular, the application can be found in the official app stores of MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

VPN Unlimited has a choice of 4 different price tiers. Users can purchase it for up to 5 devices and choose a 1-month access price of $9.99 or an annual plan at $59.99. Interestingly, it currently has a 50% sale on its 3-year and lifetime subscriptions, which cost $49.99 and $99.99, respectively. There’s also a 7-day free trial, so you can test it out and meet your needs. It comes with a free DNS firewall that detects DNS resolution requests and blocks malicious websites from malware, pop-ups and phishing.

Vpn Unlimited App Review

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When choosing your first or new VPN service, there are a few options you can go through. NordVPN and ExpressVPN are two VPN brands that are benchmarked against all others, offering a simple user experience with good prices and plenty of servers.

Meanwhile, other services like VPN Unlimited are forced to compete on other metrics, and the big one for KeepSolid VPN is the rare option to buy a lifetime subscription.

We’re currently reviewing and updating our VPN network, but below are our picks for the best VPN services that we focus on the most when comparing features and determining overall value:

It is common for VPN providers to offer monthly and yearly plans. Based on these metrics, TunnelBear is tied for third place with IPVanish and TunnelBear for monthly pricing, but falls to sixth place for annual pricing among the dozen VPNs we reviewed. Exclusively, VPN offers unlimited lifetime plan, which other VPN providers can only offer in flash sale.

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For this review, I took out the lifetime plan, which was reduced to $99.99 at the time. While that’s a great price for a lifetime VPN subscription, there’s a catch. On the pro side, VPN Unlimited offers an unlimited seven-day trial. On the other hand, the VPN Unlimited Lifetime plan only has a seven-day money-back guarantee with a 30-day money-back guarantee, unlike the monthly or yearly options.

VPN Unlimited is one of the best and most user-friendly VPN experiences on board. Once you sign up, VPN Unlimited asks you to select the device you want to install the service on, then you can read a guide or follow the steps. Most of my testing was done with the VPN Unlimited Windows software, and there’s also a Windows Store app for PC users if you prefer. For the most part, the Android app is similar to the Windows experience.

A pop-up on my first link was less interesting, which prompted me to evaluate the link I started with. Hmm. It disconnected shortly after I connected the first time, followed by other initial hiccups including extended connection times. When working normally, VPN Unlimited takes about five seconds to connect and disconnect instantly. Unfortunately, changing servers tends to disrupt real-time Internet services like music streaming.

Vpn Unlimited App Review

There’s a small window between being disconnected and being able to reconnect, so it’s a good idea to switch servers while you’re connected. Changing servers is incredibly simple: click on the server name and select from the All Servers, Streaming or Streaming tab. There is a Favorites tab, but remember that it’s easier to accidentally click a server name than a star, so you’ll be reconnected rather than favorites (one-click is convenient for changing servers, but less so for selecting favorites).

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VPN Unlimited is incredibly lightweight with 500+ servers in 80+ locations. When I reviewed it, my count was spread across 76 major locations in 57 countries, five of which were streaming servers, with an additional 11 servers for streaming (albeit all in those 76 locations).

Aside from those initial connection hiccups, the most impressive thing about VPN Unlimited was how well it worked as a background companion. I accidentally left it on for three virtual meetings, totaling just over a few hours, with no connection issues or noticeable lag. VPN Unlimited plays well with my standard day-to-day software, including Slack, Outlook, and some video game platforms.

By default, the basic VPN Unlimited subscription allows five simultaneous connections. However, you can pay extra for one device, five devices or 10 devices. These additional device add-ons are billed monthly ($0.99, $2.99 ​​and $5.99) or annually ($9.99, $29.99 and $59.99) depending on your plan, but you can add five more devices to a lifetime subscription for $9.99.

VPN Unlimited installation instructions for these devices and platforms, download links, and where applicable are readily available on the VPN Unlimited website. Advanced users can manually install VPN Unlimited on compatible routers and network-attached storage devices.

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Whenever you connect to a VPN service, you can expect download and upload speeds to drop as latency increases. VPN servers near your location should have less impact on your internet connection, but it also depends on the quality of the VPN servers. Either way, a good VPN service can have a good impact on download and upload speeds and latency.

Below is the table, using my Superloop NBN 100/40Mbps fibre-to-the-curb home network as the basis for a mid-day test.

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