16 Free and Best Movie Streaming App, Download & Install Now to Watch!

best movie streaming app
best movie streaming app

Are you looking for free movie streaming app for iPhone? With the rapid development of technology, there are more and more digital entertainment platforms and video streaming app development that you can easily access. Movie streaming apps are one of them.

But with so many app options out there, it’s not easy to choose the best movie streaming platform for your needs. Free & Legal Online Cinema Movie Watch Applications on the Latest Mobile Phones 2022.

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The free movie-watching application or best streaming app for android is one of the applications that must be on your cellphone if you like to spend your free time watching movies at home during this pandemic.

Fortunately, this article is going to cover a few best movie watching app for ipad and the best movie streaming apps, free and paid, that you can try. Let’s just get started!

List of The Latest and Best Movie Streaming App

best movie streaming app

Want to know what are the application recommendations? Instead of being curious, just take a look at the app for watching movies for free Indonesian Sub on Android below! Some are 100% free and some are paid without best movie editor app!

1. Tubi TV

The first choice of movie-watching applications is Tubi TV. This Android streaming application offers many movie genres ranging from action, anime, horror, and so on.

With Tubi TV, you will get a large selection of classic western series that you will rarely find on paid streaming services like Netflix and HBO though.

You can get this movie cloud app for free on Android devices from version 4.1 onwards with a size of 23 MB. Currently, this app has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

The Tubi TV application also has various features that make it easy to use, you know, Golden friends! Such as filters for film and series release dates, duration, ratings, and genres.

2. VIU – Movie Stream App For iPhone & Android

Well if you prefer to watch Asian movies and series, VIU is one of the best choices. Through this streaming application, you can watch Japanese, Korean, and other programs.

Not only Asian series and films, sometimes Viu also offers films from India and other Middle Eastern countries. Most of the existing films and series can also be accessed for free, you know!

VIU also provides a download feature that allows users to download their favorite movies and series and watch them offline.

Even better, Viu also offers very up-to-date shows, you know, Golden friends! You can also enjoy it without having to be bothered by ads.

If you want to watch exclusive content, Viu premium is only 30 thousand per month. The size of this app is 13MB and is compatible with Android 5.0 and above.

3. Iflix – Chinese Series, Korean Series, Comic, etc

Now for those of you who are looking for a legal Indonesian Best Movie Streaming App, the Iflix platform which is also often referred to as Indonesian Netflix is ​​the answer.

One application cooperates with various Indonesian production houses to obtain copyright and broadcast their films and series exclusively.

You can watch some Indonesian movies in the app for free. However, to access premium content, you will be charged around 40 thousand per month.

This movie-watching and best movie streaming app can be downloaded for free on Android 4.3 and above with a size of 24 MB and a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Google Play.

4. Rakuten Viki – Best Asian Dramas & Movies Apps on Google Play

If you’re looking for a best movie streaming app that works on your iPhone, Viki is one of the best choices. This platform comes from a Japanese eCommerce company, Rakuten.

Even though it’s in America, this movie-watching app actually offers the best Asian dramas. Starting from Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese dramas, and many more.

Better yet, Viki can be used completely free of charge, you know Golden friends! Even though the video quality is still not HD and there are still ads.

In addition, you can also watch videos from your favorite KPop groups through this application, you know! You can download this application on both OS and Android operating systems.

5. Genflix 2.0 – Best Free and Latest Movie Streaming App

Another best movie streaming app option is a new free platform called Genflix 2.0. This platform offers a large collection of films from several countries, you know!

Starting from Indonesian, Hollywood, Thai, and Korean films to football broadcasts you can enjoy for free. Not only that, the ads that appear are also not too many.

If you want to enjoy content without ads and also download features to enjoy movies online, Genflix’s premium plan costs around 49 thousand per month.

You can use one premium account on three different devices as long as you’re using Android version 5.0 onwards.

6. Yidio

Another free Best Movie Streaming App option is Yidio. With this platform, you don’t have to spend any money to watch movies and series.

In addition, the interface used in this film is also friendly and easy for users to understand. All features and menus are neatly organized and easy to access.

You can also easily search for and select films with filtering features that can be used on ratings, genres, to types of films from this best movie streaming app.

7. Netflix – Best Watch TV Shows Online, Watch Movies Online App

Now this Best Movie Streaming App is arguably one of the most popular streaming platforms. If you are a movie lover, you must have heard of it.

Netflix is ​​indeed the largest movie and TV series streaming service provider in the world today. Many movies and series that you can watch through the application.

The categories and genres of films and series offered are also varied. There are many choices of films and series for adults, teens, children, to toddlers, you know Golden friends!

In fact, this streaming app also offers Netflix-exclusive movies and TV series that are only broadcast by the platform.

Netflix subscription fees start from 49 thousand to 180 thousand per month. You also use the free trial feature for 30 days.

8. WeTV

WeTV is a legal film streaming media that is quite popular, especially after the Layangan Putus series which caused a stir.

You can watch for free for some episodes. Once the episode you’ve been waiting for is out, you’ll have to wait before you can access it.

However, if you want to watch it, even subscribing to the VIP package will not drain your pocket because WeTV is relatively cheap.

9. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar not only provides shows made by Disney’s production houses, but also its subsidiaries such as Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars.

Not only that, you can also watch national Geographic shows here. Apart from those already mentioned, there are also several Indonesian dramas and films.

You can enjoy some shows for free and if you want to enjoy unlimited movies and shows, you can subscribe.

10. iQIYI – Best Drama, Anime, Show Movie App

Asian drama fans should try this one online watching application. There are many interesting dramas and some of them can be watched for free.

If you find the content offered interesting, iQIYI allows you to subscribe to packages that are quite affordable.

11. Vidio

For those who like sporting events, Vidio can be the right option to get rid of boredom.

Package prices are affordable, starting from only tens of thousands. In addition to sporting events, Vidio also has a series that is no less exciting.

12. Online Cinema

BioskopOnline is an option for those of you who like Indonesian films, especially those produced by indie production houses.

You can rent shows starting from only 5 thousand and can watch legally cheaply with friends or family at home.

13. Vision+ Watch Movies, Original Series & Live Streaming Events App

Want to watch domestic and foreign TV shows but don’t have a TV? Vision+ is the solution.

You can watch TV shows for free with only an internet connection and a streaming device.

14. Drakor ID

Watching Korean Drama is a hobby for some people to fill their spare time while waiting for iftar, accompanying dinner, or relaxing.

Drakor.id is a great choice for Korean drama fans. There are many dramas of various genres that you can watch.

15. Cinema Box

For those of you who only have a wifi or internet connection in certain places but still want to watch exciting movies, try using Cinema Box.

Here, you can download movies too for free. Well, what are you waiting for? Try this app.

16. ClickMovie – Best Movie Streaming Service

KlikFilm is a platform to watch Indonesian films and even foreign productions.

In addition, KlikFilm also makes its own original shows, so there will be many choices for you.

Advantages of Watching Legal Films APK Compared to Streaming Illegal Films and Best Movie Streaming App

Although the applications above are not completely free for you to access, there are several advantages that you can get when using legal movie-watching applications.

The benefits you get may not have a direct impact, but you can of course still contribute to it, such as:

  • Supporting the development of the film industry is due to the guarantee of Intellectual Property Rights (HaKI) from filmmakers. Moreover, you also don’t stream money to illegal streaming services like LK21 which is predicted to have an income of up to IDR 80 million per day.
  • Safe and free from malware attacks, because you will immediately use official applications supported by developers that are officially available either on the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iPhone.
  • No more annoying ads, even if you choose the free option the ads will still appear, gang. However, of course, this ad is safe, unlike illegal movie streaming site services, which are mostly pornographic and gambling-related advertisements.

List of Free and Legal Cinema & Best Movie Streaming App on Android

Want a movie marathon on your cellphone but don’t know which apps to watch free movies on Android recommend? Don’t be confused anymore!

Here is a list of applications that ApkVenue recommends for you to use:

  1. Loklok
  2. JustWatch
  3. Netflix
  4. Disney+ Hotstar
  5. WeTV
  6. Viu
  7. GoPlay
  8. HBO GO
  9. iflix
  11. MAXStream
  12. MOLA TV
  13. Amazon Prime Videos
  14. Online Cinema
  15. ClickMovie
  16. TrueID
  17. Cinema Box
  18. Genflix 2.0
  19. Viki
  20. Tubi TV
  21. Yidio
  22. Popcornflix
  23. MegaBoxHD
  24. Vudu
  25. Plex
  26. Crackle

That’s an online and free movie-watching application that you can try to watch the latest 2022 films, including the best cinema films. That way, you can spend your time watching exciting movies without having to leave the house.

You can also stream movies in the best movie streaming app on all devices, from cellphones, PCs/laptops, and also Android TV. Come on, download the app now!

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