How To Practice Self-Care During A Pandemic

With the recent coronavirus pandemic, more people than ever are staying indoors due to employment circumstances as well as for safety reasons. However, most people were not prepared for a pandemic and the effects it would have on society, and this has led to stress, anxiety, and depression for millions of people around the world. Practicing self-care is essential, and in this article, you will learn how you can stay physically and mentally healthy during COVID-19 and afterward.

Establish & Maintain A Routine

Because people are staying indoors, especially those who have unfortunately been laid off their jobs, one of the first things to become derailed is their schedule and daily routines.

Although this is an extremely stressful time, strive to have a regular sleeping pattern, and get an adequate amount of sleep each night as sleep is essential for your overall health.

However, even if you have nowhere that you need to be, try not to sleep and wake up at a consistent time and try to fill up your day with responsibilities.

Have a Healthy Diet & Include Exercise and Hobbies

You should also make sure to have a healthy and balanced diet and dedicate some time to getting exercise at least a few times per week.

Even going outside for a walk (and practicing safe social-distancing measures) can have an uplifting or calming effect on your mind, especially if you are nearby nature.

Additionally, you can use this time to participate in the activities that you enjoy doing or try to discover new ones that keep you engaged.

Keep Up With The Facts & Stay Involved

The media can have a significant impact on how you feel, and even if the news might seem bleak every day, it’s still important that you are staying up to date with factual information and practicing safety measures.

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By staying safe and doing your part in protecting yourself and others, you can have more reassurance that things will be okay.

There are also ways you can contribute to your community, such as through education or donating, and this can provide a sense of accomplishment or fulfillment in a time where many people are in need.

Try Counseling & Therapy

The COVID-19 pandemic is a life-altering experience for countless individuals, and understandably, coping with these changes can be very challenging.

However, you are not alone, and with a licensed professional, you can learn the skills you need to cope and adapt to life during the pandemic as well as learn how to stay motivated and productive.

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As mentioned before, a pandemic is something most people have never expected or have been prepared for; however, it’s never too late to take precautions and practice good self-care for your physical and mental health, and hopefully, this article will help you start developing these good habits.


This article written by: Marie Miguel

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