Effects of Social Media on Mental Health You Should Know

There has been a lot of research showing the high influence of social media on mental health. However, this digital platform is still visited and loved as part of the public space in the digital era.

The reason is of course not that social media is harmful to mental health or not. Because like a knife, social media can be used to injure yourself or others, or be used to peel mangoes.

Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

There are several reasons why social media can affect the mental health of its users. Here are some of them.

1. Feeling that self-esteem has plummeted

Have you ever seen people so different on social media than they really are? The reason is that they only show the best side of their life by removing the worst side of their life.

The consequences were fatal, he gradually continued to build masks so that people would not know his worst side. Especially if they see other people who are better off on social media and compare them to themselves.

This results in a decrease in their self-esteem when the condition persists.

2. Excessive Anxiety

There are times when people are worried when there isn’t any notification on their social media. It feels like there is nothing new in his life so that he will be left behind.

There is a fear of missing something. Experts call it FOMO, aka fear of missing out. So opening social media with the excuse of being afraid of missing information makes him have a cure for that anxiety.

In fact, opening social media is like taking only a sedative, which has a short effect. Yes, this is similar with nomophobia.

3. Sleep Disorders

Many studies have shown social media users have difficulty sleeping or at least no sleep disturbance.

This occurs because anxiety, fear of missing information, and other overthinking causes poor sleep.

4. The appearance of negative jealousy

Social media is where people show off. Yes, this is indisputable. But if you can’t manage other people’s posts, at least you have to organize yourself so you don’t get jealous of others easily.

The reason is when other people are showing off, sometimes we see it with negative jealousy. Because it is often accompanied by feelings of anger, insecurity, decreased self-esteem, and can even cause anger to humiliation, all of which are negative.

5. The emergence of bad behavior

It is often found content with bad behavior that is served under the pretext of entertainment on social media. Even though once bad will remain bad forever and not worthy of being content.

As a result, much of the content is duplicated and imitated by other people, especially teenagers who are still unstable.

How to Cope with the Bad Effects of Social Media

To overcome the five bad effects of social media, you need to follow a number of methods below.

1. Limiting the Use of Social Media

There are certain special times when the dictionary is shared with family, friends, and colleagues at the office. So don’t disturb your communication with them by opening social media.

Even if you can, please avoid holding the cellphone so that you are not tempted to open it.

2. Digital Detoxification

To do this detox, you must have a strong commitment. You can work with other people to support you in doing this detox. How to?

The method is quite easy. You just need to leave your phone, if you can, or leave social media alone for five days to a week.

Usually in the first few days you will feel very uncomfortable. But in the following days your life will be a little calmer.

3. Perform Filters

If you can’t detoxify yet, please filter or filter the people on social media who you think are very annoying. You can mute or block as well as needed.

Usually this will indeed affect your relationship with these people in the real world. So you have to understand the risks.

4. Realize That Social Media Is Not The Real World

Initially, social media was only used as a social network to communicate only. But gradually it turns out that its function is made so that people feel at home for long there and replace public spaces in the real world.

So you need to remember again that social media is just a digital world that shouldn’t replace the real world.


If social media has already made you mentally ill, then immediately undergo a therapy to restore your mental health. You can choose various healing alternatives to restore mental health.

Nowadays art can be a mental health therapy. Yes, therapy to restore mental health is actually an art. You can read it here:

Thus article about social media that have an impact on mental health. Stay healthy!

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