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Anonymous Vpn App

Anonymous Vpn App

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Anonymity is the main reason for VPNs, and Anonymous VPN is well-branded around this important element. While the provider presents this fun approach to privacy, it doesn’t joke about the technical aspects of anonymity.

In terms of security, the platform offers a choice between using OpenVPN and IPSec protocols. They use AES 256-bit encryption on the platform for added security. They also included a kill switch to make sure your IP isn’t leaked if the internet goes down.

Anonymous VPN has a zero-logging policy for sensitive data. They collect and store minimal data such as email and payment information during registration.

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Movie lovers will be happy to know that you can use P2P software to download. A VPN is a great way to stream geo-blocked content like YouTube, NBC and some UK platforms. However, it cannot stop Netflix and other major streaming sites.

Even worse, users from China cannot use the provider to bypass the country’s Great Firewall. Fortunately, other restricted countries like Russia can use a VPN because they even have servers.

In terms of pricing, Anonymous VPN has two membership options, including a monthly option for $12. That is, the platform offers a 3-day paid trial. Among the many expensive VPNs we’ve reviewed, I believe these prices are above average, and it’s not unheard of that you have to pay for a trial.

Anonymous Vpn App

I went the extra mile to test the various features of Anonymous VPN and put together this comprehensive review. Is this great VPN provider really anonymous, or will your IP address be leaked when you visit sites like The Pirate Bay? Let’s see, shall we?

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If you’re thinking of using VPN Anonymous to access other major sites like Netflix US, Netflix UK, Netflix Canada, Netflix EU and Netherlands, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, DAZN, Channel 4 or Hulu, don’t worry.

If you like watching videos or streaming music on YouTube, an anonymous VPN is a good choice. You can also access NBC content through a VPN.

For starters, I was unable to unblock Netflix using this VPN. I personally connected to 5 servers on the network (Canada, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Japan) and none of them were able to unblock Netflix. When I tried to access Netflix, I got a proxy error message, redirected to my country’s Netflix catalog, and the slow speed was annoying.

After unsuccessfully trying to pull down live websites using almost 12 servers, I decided to contact support to explain the problem. In a response email, the support team blamed the problem on a US server that is being maintained.

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I even tried my luck with Hulu, but unfortunately I got an error message like the one shown below:

Connecting to a VPN server has a speed disadvantage. The most obvious reason is distance from the server – the further away, the slower the connection. Other factors include the geographic location of the source content, your ISP, and the strength of your Internet connection.

I ran a long test to see if there is a loss of speed when using an anonymous VPN. Results indicate a 90% drop in download speed when connecting to international servers. I first tried various local servers from my location in Nairobi, Kenya, where the speeds were as follows: ping — 22 ms; download – 5 Mbps; and upload — 4.8 Mbps without VPN.

Anonymous Vpn App

I started the test with a nearby server in Nairobi. Speeds dropped slightly to 4.07 Mbps (download) and 4.54 Mbps (upload).

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When connecting to a server in Canada, download speeds dropped by 90% to 1.46 Mbps, while upload speeds remained the same at 4.30 Mbps.

The same thing happened when I connected to a server in Germany. Download speed dropped to 1.19 Mbps.

It should be noted that connecting to the server with anonymous VPN takes about 20 to 30 seconds. It’s really fast compared to other VPNs.

Unfortunately, Anonymous VPN only has 1000 servers in 23 countries. The server network is so limited that you can count them on the network site. Having multiple servers on a network usually results in faster speeds, especially when many people are connected to the VPN.

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Most of the servers are in Europe, Asia and Australia, with only one server in Africa and no servers in South America.

Unfortunately, no US servers were found in the drop-down list of VPNs. I decided to double check with support and they confirmed it and said that said server is maintained.

Also, to switch servers, you have to leave the current server, which turned out to be a tedious task.

Anonymous Vpn App

In keeping with its brand of anonymity, Anonymous VPN has taken deliberate steps to ensure your safety when connecting to the VPN.

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However, it is difficult to find safety information on their website. Therefore, I decided to do an independent check using different parameters. I tested it and the VPN does not leak IP, DNS or WebRTC.

Additionally, there are three protocols that Anonymous VPN supports: OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP. Of the three, OpenVPN is the most secure as it provides a secure connection without sacrificing your speed. For those looking for a simple setup, PPTP is the best choice, although it has a lower level of encryption than the other two. Although L2TP has a better level of encryption than PPTP, it is slower and less effective.

All protocols in Anonymous VPN are blocked using military-grade 256-bit encryption used by government agencies and security companies. Information is protected using P-256 key exchange.

Unfortunately, Anonymous VPN does not work with Tor, a privacy-specific browser. Combining Tor with your VPN gives you an extra layer of privacy. When accessing Tor, a VPN blocks access nodes that hide your IP address.

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However, an anonymous VPN allows you to have a dynamic IP address that prevents attackers from accessing your network equipment.

You can also enable a kill switch on the platform to prevent your IP from being leaked if your VPN connection suddenly drops.

The platform adheres to a strict zero-log policy to ensure privacy for its users. Therefore, the platform does not monitor or keep records of the websites you visit or the activities you do while connected to the VPN.

However, the policy also states that they collect personal data during registration, such as email and credit card information, in order to make payments. All transactions are processed by a third-party processor, SafeCharge, which maintains a strict level of privacy.

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Those who use VPNs for sensitive activities such as P2P torrenting can rest easy knowing that their journey does not stop on the network. However, they collect speed and clock information that is used to evaluate network performance.

Even better, the VPN is headquartered in the Seychelles, where there are no data retention laws. It goes beyond tracking and alliances that seem to violate people’s privacy.

It’s safe to torrent using a VPN anonymously that boasts a P2P provider. To test it, I accessed uTorrent while connected to a VPN and was very successful in downloading the free Wikipedia backup file in no time.

I contacted support to see if torrenting was possible and they confirmed it was. They also disclaimed that they have to verify their IP address three times when accessing sites like BitTorrent. The answer made me skeptical about torrenting using a VPN because of the risk of having my IP compromised.

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Although torrenting with an anonymous VPN can be safe, downloading large files can be difficult due to slow network speeds.

Unfortunately, Anonymous VPN doesn’t help unblock content in China, even though it has a server in Hong Kong

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